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Parents and Teachers

Carnaby Street wants to offer a special welcome to parents and teachers, as we are hoping that you will not only come to love the Carnaby Street series, but that you will help us breathe new life into old words.

is the first of a series of books that will centre on Carnaby Street and her madcap relatives.

With the aid of her younger brother Oxford and her cousins Carter and Flo, Carnaby introduces first her Great Aunt Amelia and later a whole host of others, until her house is almost splitting at the seams.

Carnaby’s stories are designed to offer an eccentric romp for children as young as five and as old as twelve. We hope that the content (both written and visual) is presented in such a way as to offer something for everyone.

In addition to the general narrative are a number of hidden definitions. These appear in the artwork, presented in a tiny font (look out for the coloured text for clues). The idea is that the definitions will enhance the general story, but should a child not wish to track them down, the story stands alone.

A small magnifying sheet is included in each copy of the book to help in the hunt.

We hope that you will agree that the vitality of the English language depends on a mishmash of styles, influences and usages.

What draws together Carnaby’s pick of odd, obscure, and endangered words and idioms is the notion that language can be fun, surprising, and ultimately inspiring: that a single word has the power to open the door to whole new world of possibilities in a child’s imagination.

parentsPlease feel free to regularly check our news section to chart the progress of the campaign to breathe new life into old words, and to see what support we can offer schools and parents who would like to get more involved in bringing blutterbunged back into the classroom.

Schools can get a free copy of A is for Anonymuncle: The Brabbler’s Endangered ABC. Simply sign up to our special mailing list for schools using this form, and once you confirm your subscription, you’ll receive an instant email with a link to download this PDF book.

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Lastly, don’t forget to contact us often, as we are looking forward to hearing about your favourite endangered words and those of your pupils.