10 things you might otherwise never know about Morocco

1. In traditional Moroccan culture, the liver – not the heart – is the symbol for true love.

2. It is thought that small green ‘stones’ found in southern Morocco could be meteorite fragments from Mercury.

3. The huge Sahara desert was once fertile land, with rivers, lush vegetation and lakes. Scientists believe that the desert sands are actually soil that has lost its moisture due to climate change.

4. In 1960 an earthquake in the southern city of Agadir killed 15,000 people.

5. Many people in Morocco believe that mischievous spirits (known as jinn) take the form of cats. As a result, butchers and fishmongers almost always feed cats scraps.

6. In parts of southern Morocco one can see whole herds of goats climbing in trees.

7. The 1940’s film Casablanca, which ranked among the top Hollywood films of all time, was shot entirely in the United States.

8. The national drink in Morocco is mint tea.

9. Moroccan taxis are most often shared. This means that they will not set-off until a carload of passengers have climbed aboard. The route varies according to who wants to go where, and can change at any time.

10. A traditional form of decorative plaster is made using hundreds or even thousands of egg whites.