10 things you might otherwise never know about Albania

1. If you nod your head in Albania it means you disagree and if you shake your head, it means you agree.

2. One of the most famous Albanians of all time was Mother Theresa, who dedicated her life to helping the sick and poor in Calcutta, India.

3. Albanians call their country ‘Shqiperi’, which means the ‘Land of the Eagles’ or the ‘People of the Eagles.’

4. King Zog I, ruler of Albania between 1925 and 1939, survived over 55 assassination attempts. He eventually died in exile in Paris aged 65.

5. In Albania guests are treated with the greatest generosity and are fed mountains of food (even if their host goes hungry).

6. In Albanian stories, the eagle appears as a symbol for freedom and courage.

7. Albanian weddings traditionally take place during the full moon, sometimes with hundreds of guests present and festivities last several days.

8. Retired NASA astronaut William George Gregory is of Albanian ancestry. He was aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour when in 1995 it completed 262 orbits of the Earth and travelled nearly seven million miles.

9. Albania’s flag is red, with a black double-headed eagle. It has changed several time over the country’s history.

10. King Zog I’s son, Leka, Crown Prince of Albania, was just two days old when he left his homeland in exile.